Trick or Treat at Tech Center

Last Thursday evening was an amazing opportunity for the WFA family to be involved in the community.  I want to personally thank each person who contributed to the success of this outreach.  As you know, originally, it was scheduled to be out at Village Creek State Park.  A much needed rain forced postponement and re-location.  I appreciate the flexibility of everyone to make the adjustment.  
This was a church-wide event from the beginning.  Some brought candy, some brainstormed ideas that were developed into our theme of “It is so Sweet to Trust Jesus”.  A work night at the bus barn probably brought 30 people together to put the design together.  A crew help move it to the Tech Center, a crew did the last minute detail work before the event started.  Estimates as high as 5,000 people went through the Tech Center that night.  Then a crew disassembled and returned it all to the church afterwards.  The day finally ended around 11:00 p.m.
WFA I can assured you that I have never been more blessed by your willingness to serve our community.  You did an incredible job.  There are a lot of churches that worry when their community is going to accept them.  I believe when the church accepts the community the other part pretty well takes care of itself.  Blessed to be a blessing!

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