The name could imply at least a couple of meanings.  Those who are feasting are beasts or those feasting are consuming beasts.  In some cases, if I may say so, both definitions would be accurate.  This writing is about another definition of Beast Feast.

I believe church is a place to believe and belong.  More often than not, the believing part happens much faster than the belonging part.  When new people start attending, they are excited and eager to help by serving.  If there is no place to serve, their excitement often quickly wanes.  I realize it may not be wise to ask a brand new believer to teach a class or lead a group.  That’s where a HUGE benefit to having an event like Beast Feast is found.  Beast Feast is a great meal, yes.  Beast Feast is work, definitely.  Beast Feast is outreach, no question.  But Beast Feast is also an environment where “Iron sharpens Iron.”  Men are able to develop lasting friendships with other men while gaining the reward of accomplishing something together with other members of the “team.”  Some are well seasoned in their faith while others are still developing their newfound friendship with Jesus.  Beast Feast makes no difference between the young man, middle aged father, single dad, grandfather, lifelong member, or first time friend.  The true lasting benefit of Beast Feast is a place to belong!

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