Evie’s Episode…

At first glance it was a normal Sunday morning. The buzzer sounded dismissing Life Groups, people begin to find their seats in the Sanctuary, the countdown was at  1:47.   It’s almost time for church then everything suddenly became abnormal. The message reached me that there was a problem in the nursery.  I had no idea what to expect, but as I reached the lobby, there was obvious pandemonium.  I peered into the doorway of the Nursery,  three of our ladies all of whom work in the medical profession working with one of our children. I also noticed a grandfather on his all fours crying out to God in fervent prayer. This was not just any child, this was our “church mascot baby.”  The first thing I heard was, one of the ladies said, “This baby is turning purple. We have got to do something.”  With panic, fear, and desperation, all written on her face she instructed someone to call 9-1-1. The child’s mother arrived on scene in understandable hysteria.  Unity, like I have not recently witnessed wrapped  the congregation like a warm blanket on a cold night. Everyone was praying earnestly. Dad was at work in Forrest City. He made it to the church in record time.


After what seemed like forever, the ambulance arrived. I know it was only a brief time but it seemed much longer in the crisis. By the time the ambulance arrived little, Everly Cook, was crying and calling for her parents.  She was transported to a Memphis hospital for a thorough evaluation. The medical diagnosis was that she apparently became startled and fainted. Side note, she has two older siblings, a dog, and a railroad track near her house. I’m not sure she could be “startled” to the point of fainting in the church nursery. Nonetheless, she was discharged mid-afternoon in time to attend evening worship with her family.


Back to what I saw when I arrived at the doorway of the Nursery.  In addition to what I have already stated, I saw those purple cheeks and a little lifeless body. The thing that demanded my attention was the shade of Everly’s complexion. While her cheeks did have a distinct tint of purple, the remainder of her face was a gray ashen shade that is only associated with the icy fingers of death gripping a body whether young or old.


It is not my job to convince anyone of anything that happened; however, it is my responsibility to report what did happen. I am thoroughly convinced that on August 23, 2015 the enemy levied an attack against little Everly, her family, and the WFA family. Jesus said, “…the thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy.  I came to give you abundant life.” (John 10:10). Due to fervent prayer, unwavering faith, and divine sovereignty, the enemy was defeated, God was exalted, and Jesus is LORD!

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